Jam-packed goodness awaits you.

September 22

12:30 pm


Grab your goodies, it's time to start The Culture Movement

1:00 pm


Teran Doerr

Let's get moving!

1:15 pm

Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.

Paul Long

Paul's philosophy of Fundamism is a deliberate approach to building trust-based relationships. Learn how to create a forward-focused, service-oriented, self-disciplined, FUN team. 

1:45 pm

Emotional Intelligence: The Future of Leadership

Sara Ross

Build high-capacity performers through the skills of energy management, emotional intelligence, and resilience to increase your Leadership Vitality Quotient.

2:45 pm

Community Panel


4:00 pm



5:00 pm


Enjoy getting to know everyone from the conference.

September 23

7:30 am

Breakfast & Registration

The most important meal of the day in the most delicious way!

8:00 am


Paul Long

Let's have some FUN!

8:15 am

Culture that Rocks

Jim Knight

Learn how to Revolutionize Your Company's Culture. Dive into every area of a company environment and reveal realistic solutions for systemic change.

9:30 am

Breakout Sessions

Jim Knight - Building an Iconic Team

Second Breakout - TBD

10:45 am



12:00 pm


Enjoy a delicious meal and get ready to finish the day strong!

1:00 pm

It Happened Here:

This panel will bring you the best of the best from our local region.

2:15 pm

Connecting the Workplace and Life Through F.U.N.

Paul Long

Paul will introduce specific actions that aid in the development of leadership characteristics, sales effectiveness, work/life balance, productivity, relationship building, job satisfaction, and quality of life. 

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